Fundamental diseases

What are fundamental diseases?

There are 6,000 to 8,000 identified rare diseases, which collectively affect six percent of the population: 3.5 million in the UK. Yet there is a chronic lack of support for rare diseases and neglect by medical professionals. Out of the thousands of conditions, only approximately 200 have licenced treatments. Patients are often left with low health outcomes, suffering from debilitating diseases, kept from work or being active due to complications.

To overcome the neglect of rare diseases, Findacure has coined the term of ‘fundamental diseases’ to stress their importance, capturing the concept that rare diseases are gateways to understanding common conditions and human physiology. By redefining this group of conditions, we hope to unlock new insights and discover potential treatments for conditions which affect millions. Please explore some examples of fundamental diseases listed below.


‘What we learn from rare disorders often has profound consequences for our understanding of more common conditions.’

– Dr Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health


Examples of fundamental diseases