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We are uniting patients and families from all rare diseases to fight for change together. Join our mission today.

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The 2020 Student Voice Prize

The 2020 winning essays have been published in honour of Rare Disease Day!

7,000 rare diseases have been identified but only 400 have a licensed treatment. We are uniting patients and families across all rare diseases to fight for change together. Will you join us?

Imagine being diagnosed with a disease so rare that there is no known cause, no treatment, no information online, and no support group to turn to. Imagine feeling that no-one, not even your doctors or friends, understand you. This is the situation facing millions of people around the world today. Because while rare diseases are individually rare, having a rare disease is actually common, and experiences of isolation, desperation and loss are far too frequent.

Findacure is a charity that is bringing the rare disease community together. We know that when you combine everybody’s expertise and passion, the rare community becomes an unstoppable force. We encourage patients and parents to grow their own patient communities and to share their experiences with others hoping to do the same. By saving them from reinventing the wheel, we are transforming the lives of rare disease patients together, and we will not stop until they all have the support and treatments they deserve.

What are rare diseases?

Rare diseases are defined as conditions that affect less than 1 in 2,000 people, but they are often much rarer than that. Find out more about the issues that come with rarity in our video or rare diseases page.

Source: Rare Disease UK.

Who do we help?

Strong patient groups are crucial when it comes to rare diseases. Patient groups are organisations set up to support patients and families in all issues related to a specific condition. They connect with and support isolated patients, and are a driving force when it comes to research and campaigning for patients’ rights in healthcare, education, and employment. Most rare disease patient groups are led by a patient, family member or carer whose lives have been turned upside down by a rare diagnosis. While they have the passion and motivation needed, they often lack the experience, knowledge and confidence to fulfil their ambitions. We work with these individuals to improve their skills, confidence, and connections, meaning they can make a bigger difference to patients’ lives.

Meet Wendy

When Wendy’s son was born with Norrie disease, a rare genetic condition that causes blindness, hearing loss and developmental delays, there was no UK organisation for her to turn to for support, and very little information available.

Findacure’s patient group mentoring programme helped Wendy to set up the Norrie Disease Foundation. They registered as an official charity, launched a new website, began a mentoring programme for families, and started a PhD studentship.

Meet Russell

Russell’s son lost his sight over a matter of weeks at the age of 24 due to LHON, a rare hereditary condition. There was very little advice about what was going on and why it was happening.

After struggling to set up a patient support group for two years, Russell and two colleagues attended Findacure’s first workshop. They were inspired by the stories they heard from other rare disease support groups and the LHON Society was born that evening.

Meet Sue

When Sue’s son was born with Pitt Hopkins Syndrome, an ultra-rare condition that causes seizures and difficulties with breathing and learning, there was no patient community for her to turn to for support.

So Sue set one up herself. But with no prior experience in this area, she found it difficult to move forward. Our webinars and workshops have given her the advice and confience she needs to grow her group and make a difference in her community.

What do we do?

Findacure is building a unified and powerful rare disease community. By providing free training to rare disease patient groups, we are helping them to grow and professionalise. Our events bring the whole community together, letting patient groups speak face-to-face with clinicians and pharmaceutical professionals. We also promote drug repurposing as a sustainable model for academic and patient group led clinical trials for rare disease. Our work is made more widely accessible through our e-learning portal. Click the links below to find out more.

Patient group training

Patient groups have a fundamental role in rare diseases. Our training programmes give them the skills and knowledge they need to reach their goals.

Uniting communities

Our community building projects unite patients, doctors and industry to accelerate treatment development and ensure no patients are left behind.

Drug repurposing

Drug repurposing is significantly faster and cheaper than novel drug discovery – ideal for underfunded rare diseases. Our project hopes to advance repurposing projects sustainably.


Take on a sponsored challenge, support one of our simple ongoing appeals, or organise your very own fundraising event.

What’s going on?

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24 February, 2021 / Findacure News, Home Page

Register to attend our online mental health and wellbeing workshop

Findacure is pleased to announce its next online workshop, which will provide guidance and practical advice to patient groups seeking to better support the mental health of their respective rare communities. Register now to join us on 23rd - 25th March!
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17 February, 2021 / Findacure News, Home Page

Take our Patient Group Training Survey & Win £50!

Complete our 10-15 minute Patient Group Training Survey for your chance to WIN £50, £30 or £20! Claim your prize as a voucher or donate the money to a charity of your choice. It's a win, win! Take our survey now.
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RareChat | Getting your community to give back

10th March at 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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Relive The Virtual Rare Disease Showcase

Relive The Virtual Rare Disease Showcase! You can now read a summary of the event and watch both Main Stage and Breakout Session recordings on-demand. Thank you for coming to the first-ever Rare Showcase of its kind and we look forward to seeing you again at another Findacure event soon!

A look back at this year’s guest blogs in honour of Rare Disease Day!

In honour of Rare Disease Day 2021, we wanted to highlight the wonderful patient stories that have been shared with us throughout the year. Read one or read them all. This is all of our story and it’s been a privilege sharing your journeys on our blog. Happy Rare Disease Day! We’ll never stop fighting for you and the rare community.

Martha Harlam: Hopes For The Future

This week’s blog was written by Martha Harlam, founder of Ataxia Awareness – Information – Hope. Ataxia has defined most of her life since she was first diagnosed in 1988 at 38 years old. This is her story!

The winners of The 2020 Student Voice Prize are here!

After three months and many impressive submissions and patient group pairings, we have the four 2020 Student Voice Prize winners! Please say hello and congratulations to our 2020 overall winner and three 2020 runner-ups!

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