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Today marks the second anniversary of Findacure’s registration with the Charity Commission of England and Wales. To celebrate the occasion, we have decided to launch a Findacure blog in which we will share team updates, feedback from conferences we have attended. We will also discuss the latest developments in the field of fundamental diseases and medical developments in general.

As this is our birthday post, we have decided to share an overview of the key moments of the past two years.

7th November 2012 We registered with Charity Commission – 1149646 forever became a special number in our hearts.

29th March 2013 Nick was invited to speak at TEDx Imperial College to share his vision about Findacure and fundamental diseases.

4th July 2013 Conference at the Royal College of Medicine – Thirteen prominent scientists and Findacure trustees came together to discuss the challenge of researching rare diseases. The term ‘fundamental disease’ was accepted by the group and Findacure’s Scientific Advisory Board was formed.

2nd October 2013 Flóra Raffai was hired as Findacure’s first full-time member of staff. Flóra took on the role of Project Manager with the aims to get the charity off the ground and establish a track record.

24th January 2014 Our first patient group training workshop took place in London, UK. The workshop focused on the topic of fundraising on a budget, and was attended by 42 patient advocates. Feedback was overwhelming positive, with 100% delegates agreeing the workshop was relevant to their needs.

10th March 2014 Findacure became an official partner of the RE(ACT) Community, a new online platform for patients and researchers to connect, and fundraise for projects.

14th March 2014 We held our First Scientific Conference on Fundamental Diseases at Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge. In total, 36 representatives from research teams, pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, and medical universities attended. While there was overall acceptance of the term fundamental diseases, only 57% of delegates believed the term applied to their field of research. This motivated us to raise more awareness.

28th April 2014 We launched our first crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for our patient group training workshops and to develop an online toolkit. The campaign went on to be a massive success, raising $29,200 with 184 donations from 15 different countries.

June 2014 We received a lot of local exposure in June. Nick and Flóra conducted interviews on three Cambridge county radio shows, had articles in two local newspapers, and featured on two online blogs.

29th September 2014 Following an award from Sanofi’s Patient Group Bursary Scheme, we launched a year-long peer-mentoring pilot for fundamental disease patient groups. We are very excited to see the progress of this project into 2015.

3rd November 2014 Findacure’s team expanded as we hired Louisa Ackermann for the role of Fundraising & Communications Officer. With double the team, we aim to achieve so much more in our third year!


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05/06/14 Findacure: the Fundamental Diseases Partnership


We hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane. Thank you for your support these past two years, we have big plans for what’s coming next!

Happy 2nd Birthday Findacure!

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