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Following the successful launch of our BBC Children in Need funded ‘Cross Your Own Oceans’ project in March [click here to read the launch blog], the team met up on April 17th for our adventure day. Unfortunately, due to illness, our team of teens was only three strong on the day.

In keeping with the nautical theme of the project, we all donned some white sailor-boy hats (after some initial grumblings of embarrassment) and strolled up to the London Eye. As we had arrived early (and the staff were very kind) we ended up in a private booth all to ourselves. For the next half an hour, we all were glued to the glass walls guessing at what the sites we were seeing. It was a beautifully clear morning, so we could see London in all its glory.

Having voted on everyone’s favourite meals and settled on burgers during Day 1, we walked over to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen to gather our strength for the afternoon aquarium adventure. Some of us took this time to decorate our hats, with certain adults becoming a bit overly enthusiastic.

The team got some strange stares walking to the Aquarium after lunch for our colourful sailor hats, however, the hats proved highly useful as it allowed us all to see each other in the London crowds.

The adventure aspect of the aquarium hit immediately as we passed through the doors and had to cross over a glass walkway with sharks swimming underneath. There was all-round excitement when we reached the large shark tank, the crocodiles, and the penguins. The jellyfish tanks, with changing colour lighting, was also particularly mesmerising. After learning that jellyfish can be ‘immortal’, our lovely volunteer doctor voiced his desire to be a jellyfish. However, he soon changed his mind as we learnt jellyfish in fact do not have either hearts or brains.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, with many laughs all around. We would like to thank: Elin, Niamh, and Dominic for their support of the day; the lovely staff at both the London Eye and Aquarium; the teens and their parents for joining us; and BBC Children in Need for allowing the project to take place.


Cross Your Own Oceans – Day 2

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