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[row][one-third]katherine thorogood[/one-third][two-third] Over the next few months, we want to introduce you to Team Findacure, the brilliant men and women who are taking on challenges and adventures to raise the money which supports our work. Today we’re meeting Katherine Thorogood, who will be running the Royal Parks Foundation Half-Marathon for us in October.

Hi Katherine! We’re so pleased you’ve chosen to support Findacure with your running – what made you choose us?
As soon as I discovered about what Findacure does and specifically their stance on patient empowerment I knew that it was a cause which I wanted to support. From a selfish perspective I have a profound gratitude for their work due to personal health issues, but from a wider perspective I find their determination to help as many isolated individuals as possible a really important thing.

Will this be your first half marathon? Are you a seasoned runner or is this going to be a big challenge?

This will be my third half marathon, and will absolutely be a big challenge! I’m an awful runner but I enjoy the excitement of race day and the fact that every race seems like an impossible feat beforehand makes reaching the finish line is the best feeling in the world.

Do you have a target finishing time in mind?
I want this to be a personal best…however unimpressive it may seem! In a dream scenario I would love to make it under 1:40 but realistically underneath 2hrs would be great. So far I’ve only ever cared about finishing the race so to have a time in mind is levelling up for me.

You’ve already massively exceeded your fundraising target – Congratulations! Do you have advice for other people who want to raise sponsorship for a cause?
I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of support friends and family have shown, and with several months to go I am feeling positive about being able to deliver Findacure what I set out to raise, plus a little more thanks to the generosity of my community. I’m not an experienced fundraiser but I guess all I would say is give yourself plenty of time to generate awareness and support, and promote your fundraising as genuinely as possible, whilst being aware of the dangers of overkill on social media. Be yourself in how you go about generating your support and that’s the best thing you can do. That sounds really cheesy but it’s the only way I can think to describe it!

Thank you so much again for choosing Findacure, we are honoured to have you on our team! If anyone reading would like to donate to Katherine’s phenomenal efforts, you can do so via her Justgiving page using this link.

Meeting Team Findacure: Katherine Thorogood

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