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For the final instalment of our Cross Your Own Oceans project [read Day 1 post here][read Day 2 post here], the team met on May 16th at ScreenWorks in Highbury. Unfortunately, illness struck the team again, and our numbers were down to two teens on the day.

Having established a superhero theme for the project as a whole, we were all treated to a ‘Draw Your Own Superhero’ workshop by the lovely graphic artist Amy Gallagher. She demonstrated how to use a drawing tablet and the foundations to drawing a figure. She then handed out figure outlines, inviting the teens (and parents and staff) to get their creative juices flowing and design their own superhero. We ended up with a very diverse group of heroes, from a Roman Centurion to a Princess Fairy Hero to Mr Universe.

After a delicious lunch, Amy then revealed her designs for a Cross Your Own Oceans team superhero, based on suggestions from the teens on Day 1. While both designs fit the bill completely, the team voted on the picture shown here as our official hero. Note the flying wheelchair, laser eyes, metal claws, and ability to speak every language.

The day closed with a discussion about how to continue the project further to offer better support to other teenagers living with rare diseases. It was emphasised that having group adventure days were highly enjoyable and beneficial to the team, and that the Cross Your Own Oceans project should be extended to a larger cohort of teenagers around the country.

We would like to thank Elin and Niamh for support on the day, Screenworks for the venue, the teens and parents for being so actively engaged throughout the project, and BBC Children in Need for allowing the project to take place.


Cross Your Own Oceans – Day 3

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