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We have a new member of staff, Libbie Read, who joined the Findacure team last week as our new Fundraising & Communications Officer. In this post, we would like to introduce you to her.

What were you doing before you joined Findacure?
My last three years were spent completing an undergraduate geography degree here in Cambridge. Although physical geography modules were compulsory in first year, I quickly ditched longshore drift and oxbow lakes in favour of the more interesting and exciting human options. I was very privileged to have been able to carry out my dissertation research in Cape Town, South Africa, where I also completed a voluntary internship with the charity Innovate South Africa.

After graduation in June, I quickly became a domestic goddess/couch potato after moving back to Lincoln with my parents. Although it was nice to restore my former creature comforts, I was desperate to move out and have my own freedom again. The job hunt quickly began…

Why did you choose to join the Findacure team?
Aged 8, I had my heart set on one thing: becoming qualified as a false tooth maker. Dreams of laboratories were replaced by those of dolphin training, but as I began to recognise the need for more serious career aspirations, I was left clueless. No specific career path appealed to me enough to dedicate my life to it.

But one thing I have always known is that I want a job where I can come home feeling a sense of pride in the job I do, in addition to meeting and engaging with people on a daily basis. After graduation I decided a career in the charitable sector would tick these boxes. It was tough going at first, as most positions require 2 or 3 years’ experience, until I came across the Findacure role in late July. It was almost too perfect to be true! Not only would I be working for a fantastic cause, I would also be given real responsibility from day one and the opportunity to learn an incredible array of skills. I began the application straight away!

What do you want to achieve most at Findacure?
Once I’ve got to grips with the communications role and established fundraising streams, I would love to use my creativity to develop some of my own ideas for fundraising opportunities. I’d be over the moon if I were able to turn some of these ideas into a success.

What are your hobbies outside of work?
I really enjoy doing sports in my spare time, namely running and football. I love getting some fresh air and having a fun focus for my energy. I also spend a lot of time enjoying craft activities, such as card-making and filling in my scrapbook.

What is your favourite book/film/TV show and why?
Hmm, now that’s a tricky question! I don’t really have a favourite, but perhaps I could name my two favourite films as Finding Nemo and Shrek. I just love light-hearted and slapstick humour! I should probably add Frozen in there as well – I spend many-an-hour belting out the songs for the whole neighbourhood to hear (well, wince at)!

If you would like to contact Libbie, please email: [email protected] [/two-third][one-third]
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Meet Libbie, Our New Fundraising & Communications Officer

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