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It was a dense, foggy morning when the Findacure team rolled up to the infamous Silverstone circuit. Shivering as they gathered their belongings from the car, they dwelled on the ordeal about to face them: 13 miles, or 21 kilometres, of running on a twisting, turning, Formula 1 track.

But the team were not deterred, and they rose to the challenge like true heroes! Psychedelic- legginged Emily, bet-losing bunny-eared James, running veteran Steve, and injured Shahid all started the race valiantly as the clouds began to reveal glorious sunshine.

At the 3 mile marker, our dedicated Findacure supporters waited in anticipation to cheer on the runners. First to arrive was Steve, shortly followed by Emily, James and Shahid. The team passed them again, one-by-one, at 11 miles – a little more red-faced though.

Steve crossed the line in an awesome 1:43 – the 17th finisher in his age category. He was shortly followed by Emily, who finished the course in a fantastic 1:46. James arrived next, in a time of 2:10. A massive shout out must go to Shahid, who managed to hobble around with a tendon injury just short of the 3 hour mark – what a trooper!

The team raised over a tremendous £1000 for Findacure, which will have a real positive impact on our 2016 projects. We are very grateful for their support, and hope that they all enjoyed the event (even if they couldn’t walk the next day!)

If you are inspired by our Silverstone crew, why not sign up to our skydive in June or take part in a different sponsored event? Your support means so much to us, and really does allow us to progress as a charity. Email [email protected] to let us know your thoughts![/two-third][one-third]OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[/one-third][/row]

Saluting our Silverstone supporters

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