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Volunteering for a small charity like Findacure can make a big difference to our overall productivity. We are currently searching for volunteers to help us with a range of activities, including marketing, design, communications, fundraising, project organisation, on-the-day help, and scientific advice. This blog shares why Rhiannon, one of our recent volunteers, got involved with Findacure and how volunteering has helped her personal progression.

I started volunteering at Findacure October 2015. I had graduated that autumn with a master’s in Philosophy of Science. I wrote my final project on Inborn Errors of the Metabolism  (a class of rare diseases) and I have a rare disease myself.  I focused on of the relationship between rare and common disease in my project.  During my Masters I had come across Findacure in my research. I found the TED talk by Nick Sireau who started the charity particularly striking.

The charity always stood out to me.

I needed some experience to put on my CV while I was applying for graduate roles.  However I did not want to take too much time away from the application process.  I worked for Findacure for 2 to 3 days a week from home in London.  I worked as a science writer and after a few weeks started writing scripts for a series of videos on the physiology of rare disease.  I also attended Findacure events in London and lead a patient focus group evaluating Findacure’s patient group peer mentoring scheme.

My CV was picked up online by a recruitment agent who was interested in the video script writing I was doing at Findacure.  She put me forward for a role as a medical and video script writer.  I have been in my new job for a month now. I have recently started a video project which I am very excited about involving video concept design, creation and editing. Findacure is a wonderful charity and a brilliant place to gain experience.  As a small charity they really value their volunteers which are so important to the charity.

One of the best aspects of volunteering was getting to know Flora, Rick and Libbie who work at Findacure. All of them are excellent at what they do and it would be hard to find more intelligent or friendlier people. I especially enjoyed engaging with the many organisations Findacure work with and meeting rare disease patients and campaigners. I plan to volunteer again sometime in the future.

We would like to thank Rhiannon for all the time she has dedicated to Findacure, and for kindly writing this blog about her experiences.

There are so many different ways you can get involved in Findacure too! Please visit our volunteering page or contact [email protected] for more information.

Treasuring our volunteers

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