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A cold and muddy field, away from any signs of civilisation, may seem like a strange place to congregate at 7am on a Saturday morning. But excitement was quite literally in the air as six courageous individuals prepared themselves to jump out of a plane for the first ever Findacure Sky Dive!

Following registration at the North London Skydiving Centre, our brave sky divers – Katrina Bell, Timarie Chan, Clare Philbin, Lucy Read, Patrick Short and Sammie Starr-Clarke – attended a brief training session, learning how to jump and land correctly, as well as how to operate their parachutes. All our divers were jumping tandem style and, as such, were assured they would be kept in safe hands. With training out of the way, the wait began!

Thankfully the sun decided to make an appearance and, whilst many of us tried to catch those all too infrequent rays, the call finally came for our first pair of divers to get suited up and prepared to fly!

Once ready, they emerged a mixture of emotions but one thing was clear – they couldn’t wait any longer and so they quickly took to the skies. Once in the plane our divers would be jumping from a dizzying altitude of around 13,000 feet and freefalling through the sky at speeds up to 120mph until just 5,000 feet from the ground.

Down on the ground we waited in anticipation for the first signs of our intrepid divers. We were soon rewarded as they came back into view and flooded the skies with colour as one by one the parachutes were deployed.

Safely back on the ground, exhilaration and delight were evident on everyone’s faces – not least the divers themselves! For many this was a once in a life-time experience, for some it was an effort to conquer their biggest fears, whilst others, like our own, were fundraising for some great causes.

With the first group out of the way it was time for the rest of our Findacure team to take to the sky. It wasn’t too long before they were on their way and once again the crowd was wowed as parachutes of blue, green, red, yellow and pink filled the skyline and made their way back down to earth.

All in all it was a fantastic day for divers and spectators alike. Every one of our divers loved the experience and it didn’t take long for some to start thinking about reliving the experience!

Findacure would like to say a big thank you and congratulations to all our Sky Divers who between them raised an impressive amount of over £2500 which will go towards funding Findacure’s all-important future projects.

Sorry you missed out? Fret not! Findacure still has places available for a second sky dive on Sunday September 11th 2016! Get in contact today to secure your place, email libbie on [email protected]



Findacure’s fundraising reaches new heights

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