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As you may remember from our blog in March, we at Findacure have been partnering with rare disease patient organisations to support their crowdfunding efforts. Shortly after launching our joint crowdfunding campaign with the Children’s Hyperinsulinism Charity, we were approached by Cesare from the aPODD foundation. aPODD are fundraising for a drug repurposing project to treat children affected by the aggressive brain cancer Medulloblastoma.

We came together with two trustees from aPODD – Cesare and Debbie – back in April to film their main video and a series of supporting videos for their campaign. Over the course of a morning, we interviewed both Cesare and Debbie to better understand their children’s cancer stories, their involvement in aPODD, and their motivation to find better, kinder treatments for rare childhood cancers.

We then had the challenge of distilling more than four hours of footage into a four minute campaign video. This was especially difficult as Cesare and Debbie each have such powerful stories of losing their children to cancer and refusing to let it happen to any other families. We think the final video captures this emotion, see what you think:

The aPODD campaign is now half way through and has raised close to £9,000! If you would like to do something great today, take a look at their campaign and help them reach their target:

We are keen to meet more patient groups who would like support with their crowdfunding campaigns. We can offer assistance in writing, filming, and editing campaign videos; creating campaign graphics; writing communications plans, including social media posts, press releases, and campaign texts; monitoring during the campaign; and more general advice and consultancy. If your patient organisation is hoping to run a crowdfunding campaign but needs more support, please get in touch with [email protected] to see how we can help.

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