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This week, our Events Officer Mary Rose talks about her experience attending the 2016 Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon.

Sunday 9th October began as a beautiful, sunny (and cold!) day. As I made my way across London, I was struck by how peaceful and tranquil it all felt, especially given a half marathon was about to take place! However, as I strolled through the endless greenery of Hyde Park I soon felt the buzz and excitement in the air, as hundreds of people made their way towards the Royal Parks Foundation festival.

I finally arrived at the charity meeting point and, with some initial confusion over its construction, put up the Findacure flag. Soon enough I was met by two of the Findacure running team members, Tarquin Bennett-Coles and Natalie Hughes. It was great to hear Tarquin and Natalie talking about why they’d decided to run for Findacure and how they felt about the work that we do, which left me with a huge smile on my face.

Then Libbie arrived with some exciting goodies – our new Findacure running vests! With our first two runners suited up, there was just enough time to take some photos before they set off for the warm up. Our final runner, Guy Rochez arrived just in time and went to join the rest of the excited half marathoners.

Libbie and I then set off to different areas of the course to cheer on our Findacure team. Libbie made her way to Buckingham Palace whilst I stayed in Hyde Park and headed to miles 6 and 8.

For me, a cold wait began as I anxiously watched for the first signs of the marathoners. Sure enough, after about 35 minutes the first person appeared. As I watched the runners go by, I felt a fleeting moment of jealousy at how warm they must be feeling, but this quickly passed as sheer enthusiasm took over the spectating crowd and everyone began to clap and cheer.

Like trying to find a needle in haystack, I scanned the crowd for signs of our Findacure runners. Luckily our shiny new vests were easy to spot and I managed to grab some great pictures of Natalie and Tarquin, whilst Libbie captured some snaps of Guy just moments from the finishing line.

All in all, the atmosphere in Hype Park was incredible, from the excited crowd to the crazy costumes and the lady who shared around her Werther’s Originals, it made for a fantastic morning.

Our Findacure team did an amazing job fundraising with just over £2,700 raised! We are so grateful for all the effort they put in and the hard work it took to get ready for the half marathon. We hope everyone will join us in wishing them a hearty well done!

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The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon

by Mary Rose Roberts time to read: 2 min