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In this week’s blog, Mary Rose, our Events Officer, talks about the Cambridge Half Marathon.

I made my way into Cambridge bright and early on Sunday 5th March. So early in fact, that barely a soul could be seen as I ventured through the deserted streets towards Midsummer Common. Eventually though, I stumbled upon the buzzing crowd of runners and spectators alike, all full of excitement for the impending half-marathon.

This year, Findacure had six* people taking part – Emily, Marc, Matt, Michael, Nick and Patsy. Before the race began, I was able to meet up with five of the team, to wish them ‘Good Luck’ and grab some photos before the weather turned. Despite the cold and rain our teams’ spirits could not be dampened and they were eager to get started.

Soon enough, the starting gun sounded and our runners were off! All sorts of colourful vests and costumes whizzed past and it was difficult at times to see through the crowd, but once again our shiny blue vests stood out and allowed me to get some early snaps.

Once all the runners were out of sight, I quickly made my way to the top of Jesus Green. What was only a short walk through the park for me, was actually mile 2 for the half-marathoners and as I cheered on our team some expressed confusion over how I had “magically” appeared so quickly in this new location.

Eventually, the rain began to lighten and the sun threatened to make an appearance as I headed towards the finishing line, keen to see our runners down the final stretch. It didn’t take long before Matt finished the race with an impressive time of 1h28, with Emily not far behind at 1h38. Marc and Nick both beat their targets of completing in under 2 hours and Michael and Patsy completed the team with 2h21 and 2h59 respectively.

One of my favourite things about these events is just how enthusiastic the crowds are. It’s always great to see spectators cheering and shouting words of encouragement to runners they’ve never met, and more than one of our team remarked on how this kept them going during the tricky bits. The atmosphere in Cambridge was truly incredible and even the sneaky Labrador who stole my drink couldn’t spoil the mood.

Team Findacure did an amazing job fundraising and between them raised just over £2,600! We are so grateful for all their efforts and hope everyone will join us in congratulating them on their great achievement! You can find out more about our team in our earlier “Meet the Team” blog and view our photos from the day on our Facebook page.

*Findacure would also like to say a big thank you to Kerry and Lisa, who unfortunately were unable to take part in the half marathon on the day, but still made substantial efforts to fundraise for us!


The Cambridge Half Marathon

by Mary Rose Roberts time to read: 2 min