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On Wednesday 30th May, Findacure’s fundraising officer, Katie, attended the Cambridgeshire Masonic charitable dinner to receive a certificate celebrating our grant from the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

We were thrilled to recently receive a generous £5000 donation from the Masonic Charitable Foundation and luckily I had the opportunity to thank the local Masonic community in person last week. I was invited to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Cambridgeshire on Bateman Street in Cambridge, just 10 minutes away from Findacure headquarters, for a charity presentation evening and dinner.

The Masonic community supports many causes in the area and invited those recently lucky enough to receive financial support for a celebratory presentation evening. Many great local charities were in attendance; including Cam Sight, Headway Cambridgeshire, Tom’s Trust, CPSL Mind, and Cambridgeshire Deaf Association. Over drinks and dinner, I had the opportunity to chat to both freemasons and charity representatives about their various fascinating projects and the impact their grant will have. It was wonderful to hear more about the brilliant work being done in the Cambridgeshire area and be in a room full of motivated people, passionate about making a difference in the community. After dinner, each charity was acknowledged individually and I was presented with Findacure’s formal grant certificate and felt honoured to have Findacure celebrated alongside other such worthwhile causes. Before leaving, we even got a sneak peek at the Lodge’s first floor temple room, complete with traditional black and white checkerboard carpet and ornate thrones. We learnt of the extensive symbolism as one of our hosts kindly gave a tour and allowed the more curious among us to sit in the room and quiz him on all things masonic.

It was a pleasure to meet the local Masonic community and we are exceptionally grateful for their generosity and support. Our grant will go towards funding our patient empowerment programme to directly support rare disease patients and their families. Our empowerment projects include our workshops, webinars, e-learning portal and peer mentoring scheme – all of which aim to give patient groups the tools they need to thrive. You can find out more about these projects and how to get involved here.

Dinner date with the Freemasons

by Katie Cliss time to read: 2 min