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On 21st June, Findacure hosted its patient group mentoring summer meet-up at Hamilton House in London. This event, which marks the halfway point of the patient group mentoring scheme, was attended by 21 mentors and mentees, one of whom had even flown from northern Scotland to get there!

Our patient group mentoring scheme partners small or struggling groups with more advanced groups or professional consultants for tailored advice. By giving smaller groups the tools, confidence and connections to develop their services and professionalise their work, they are able to provide the guidance rare disease advocates so desperately need.

The patient group mentoring summer meet-up was designed to celebrate the work done so far by our patient group mentoring pairs. We heard talks from Nina, Julia, Bel, Clare, Jill, Heather, Maria and Nicola as they discussed the progress they have made during the past six months as well as the challenges they have faced. The amount of drive and grit our mentees have to grow their burgeoning patient groups into charities never ceases to amaze us.

The day also featured two training sessions from industry professionals to give mentees a leg-up in growing their patient groups. Penny Wilson, CEO of Getting on Board, ran a workshop on trustee and committee member recruitment whilst Eileen Browne, Training Consultant at Directory of Social Change, provided training in time management for our patient group mentoring cohort to learn to use their limited time efficiently.

No good event is complete without good food, and this one was no exception! After post-workshop networking and mingling had drawn to a close, we headed over to a restaurant for delicious pizza just across the street from the British Library.

We have high hopes for our cohort this year, and are delighted by the progress already being made!

Patient group mentoring summer meet-up

by Taryn Hubbard time to read: 2 min