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But what is Thrift+? 

Thrift+ is a social venture with the vision “to help millions of individuals to turn their unwanted belongings into billions of pounds of funding for worthwhile causes all over the world.” 

Essentially, Thrift+ is an online charity shop that charities can sign up to in order to gather funds from clothing donations that supporters send in. Thrift+ is needed now more than ever as it not only allows Findacure to get funds from your unwanted clothing, but it also means that there is somewhere you can send your old clothes to whilst local charity shops and donation centres are so overrun due to Covid-19.

It is great for Findacure, as Thrift+ aims to generate £20 from each bag of donated clothing and have raised over £200,000 for hundreds of UK charities so far. Thrift+ provides our supporters with a new way to help us, whilst also doing a household chore! Meanwhile, YOU can actually gain shopping credit on the site to spend on some second-hand pieces for yourself; it’s about #FashionForGood for both us and you! 

How can I send clothes to Thrift+?

It is very simple to send your unwanted clothing into Thrift+ and when they receive the clothing they do all the work to actually sell it, like taking photos and writing descriptions!

  1. Go online to the Thrift+ donate page and select Findacure Foundation as your chosen charity.
  2. Confirm your donation percentage.
  3. Select a category that best represents the quality of your items. You can choose from: Mostly designer, mostly premium or mostly High Street. Then, select how many bags you would like. The recommendation is for one bag for up to 15 items.
  4. Enter your postcode to find your nearest return point.
  5. Create a Thrift+ account or log in if you already have one.
  6. Input the address you would like the donation bag to come to and finish the transaction- You don’t need to pay anything!

Your donation bag should arrive within 3-5 days, and then you can start filling it with second-hand goodies from your clear out! Remember that good quality clothes sell better and that all clothes should be freshly washed before sending them in.

Okay, so once I have my bag and have filled it, how do I return it?

Once you are ready to return your bag, log into your account and select view orders to request your returns label. You will receive an email with a returns label and QR code. Simply take your bag and this email to your nearest Collect+ point and send it off! Alternatively, if you cannot make it to a Collect+ point you can arrange for your bag to be picked up by the DHL collection service, you can find out more here.

What are you waiting for?! Donate now below!

Findacure is now on Thrift+!

by Philippa Norman time to read: 3 min