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We came, we saw, we collaborated – We conquered!

This summer has been filled with celebrations, as three of our team members have celebrated their work anniversaries.

Hear from Rick, Mary Rose and Blayne on what the past year and years have meant to them!

Rick on celebrating 6 years at Findacure and 4 as our valiant CEO

I’ve now been working at Findacure for over six years, and been in charge for over four. That is a long time for a man with an unnecessary qualification in moles – but a time I’ve enjoyed immensely.

I have worked with every member of Findacure staff, attended the vast majority of our events and by now explained drug repurposing more times than I’d care to count. Through all of that, my favourite part of the job has remained the people – whether those I work with (and am teased by) on a daily basis, our research and industry collaborators or our amazing patient group leaders.

I spend a huge amount of time talking to people and I learn from each and every one. While the last year and a half has been spent behind a computer screen away from our beneficiaries, this still holds true. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, Findacure, and the rare disease community, has remained engaged, active and collaborative. I am really proud of our achievements as a rare disease community during this time, and am convinced that there are many more big things to come from Findacure in the next year or two.

Given that, it looks like you are stuck with me a bit longer yet. Thanks to everyone for your help and support over the past six years. Hopefully, you can keep teaching this old mole-man some new tricks.

Mary Rose on celebrating 5 years at Findacure

Can you believe it? It’s been five whole years since I first stepped through the doors at Findacure HQ. That’s half a decade, 60 months, 1,825 days…in short, a flippin’ long time!

I initially joined Findacure as the charity’s first Events Officer, and the fourth member of staff. Before then, sadly, I didn’t have the first clue about rare diseases – I’m not sure I’d even heard the term before I saw the role with Findacure advertised. Now though, it’s second nature, and – much to my own surprise – I find myself telling friends and family all about rare diseases, drug repurposing and even health technology appraisals!

It seems cliché to say, but honestly, the last five years have been a whirlwind. And every day, month and year has been incredibly different from the last. The past year, in particular, has tested my abilities more than anything else. Working out how to transition our catalogue of events and projects to a fully online environment has been a complex, complicated, and challenging experience, but a pretty exciting and eye-opening one nonetheless. I’m so proud of what the team and I have achieved in this time and how we’ve navigated the last few months, and you can bet we’ll be coming out stronger because of it.

As I said before, five years is a long time and, as I reflect back, a heck of lot has changed for myself and the organisation. But the one thing that has never wavered is my love for this charity, my truly wonderful and incredible team, and our ever-inspiring community. Ok, that’s technically three things, but…what you gonna do?

Blayne on celebrating 1 year at Findacure

What. A. Year.

I have found my tribe, passion and calling. I walked into a true family when I began my role at Findacure. The rare disease community welcomed me with open arms and gave me the encouragement and confidence that I needed to soar. Thank you for lifting me up and allowing me to get to know you intimately as individuals, parents, leaders and advocates. It’s been a joy meeting and working with each rare disease stakeholder.

I want you to know that every guest blog and post you share moves me beyond words. Your strength, beauty and remarkable achievements inspire me. Never lose your tenacity or fight. You are changing the world for the better; for you, your children, your patient group and the rare disease community as a whole.

Findacure and myself are honoured to be by your side for the ups, downs and everything in between. Your rare journey matters to us. It is why I’ll be working hard to ensure that every aspect of it is captured authentically in our communications online, in person and in print. I’ll also be working to make you laugh and smile along the way with a GIF, poll or subtle joke!

Rare disease has touched my life in more ways than I care to admit, so thank you for allowing me to play an active role in advocating for change alongside you. It’s been one of the best years of my life due to you. Cheers to another year of transforming the lives of rare disease patients and families!

Three cheers for three work anniversaries!

by Blayne Baker time to read: 5 min