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We produce a weekly blog to share what we’ve been up to, stories from the rare disease world, interesting info on our projects, and more.

Every week we put our fingertips to keyboards to bring you, our community, stories of what we’ve been up to, things we’ve found interesting, and updates from our projects. Released every Friday, our blog is also regularly written by guests who openly share their experiences. We hope you enjoy reading our little instalments!

If you would like to share your own story on our blog, please contact Blayne, our Marketing and Engagement Manager: [email protected]

Discover The CharityWorks Programme from our Projects Coordinator, Philippa

Our Projects Coordinator, Philippa, first found Findacure through CharityWorks, a leadership development graduate programme which focuses on the 5 C’s: Conscious, Curious, Challenged, Connected and Change. In this week’s blog, Philippa takes us through what she learnt by completing this 12-month programme. She highlights how her learnings relate to the 5 C’s of the CharityWorks programme.

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The power of collaboration: How one patient group partnered with medical researchers to find a treatment for a rare cancer

This week’s blog was written by Jo Williamson, Chairman of The Phaeo And Para Cancer Charity! His story highlights the power of collaboration between individuals, patient groups and medical professionals when looking to create a new innovative treatment for a rare condition. Read his story!

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Welp, we didn’t see 2020 coming: What an unprecedented year it’s been!

It’s been a long road, but 2020 is finally cancelled. Before we ride off into the sunset and 2021, join us as we reflect back on a year that no one saw coming; not even Nostradamus himself and that’s saying something!

Here is your whistle-stop tour of Findacure’s 2020 year in review. Highlights only!

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