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[Image description: Logo for Findacure's Rare Repurposing Open Call. It has a white background with a pale blue graphic and dark blue writing. The pale blue graphic is a conical flask, and around it are two arrows forming a circle. The dark blue writing reads 'Rare Repurposing Open Call'.]
17 February, 2017 / Findacure News

Rare Repurposing Open Call

The rare repurposing open call is now closed to new submissions. We will updating the community about its progress in...
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[Image description: A photograph of two people in a tandem skydive. The parachute has already opened and is coloured a mixture of light and dark green. The photograph is taken from the ground and the gliders are high in the air. It is a sunny day. Behind them is a blue sky and a cloud.]
6 February, 2017 / Findacure News

Skydive for Findacure!

Hold onto your hats! After the great success of our 2016 Skydive, Findacure will once again see our bravest supporters...
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[Image description: A photograph of people running in the Royal Parks Half Marathon 2016. The runners are running from the left to the right, and most of them are wearing charity branded vests. It is a sunny day and they are running under the shade of trees in Hyde Park. One of the runners is wearing a blue Findacure vest, is looking at the camera, and is punching the air with his hand raised above his head. His shorts are black, and he is wearing a cap and sunglasses. There are spectators stood behind barriers on the other side of the wide path.]
11 January, 2017 / Findacure News

Run the Royal Parks Half Marathon!

On Sunday 8th October, the streets of central London will be filled with people as they take on the 2017 Royal...
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